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3 Ways to Keep Your Shopper Relationships Strong

Consumers want to feel understood, tended to, and like they’re in good hands. Three key factors that are keeping customers interested in brands.

How does one capture the eye of the constantly busy, easily distracted consumer? What are they looking for from brands, and how do you keep things from going stale? Let’s see what trends are attracting shoppers and keeping their brand relationships strong.

Customer Experience

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Sometimes it’s less about what you bring to the table and more about how you deliver. Eighty percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Nike extends its customer service beyond the store and onto social media. The brand has a dedicated Twitter account, Team Nike, that’s active every day of the week—and in seven languages—and jumps at the opportunity to help resolve customer issues any time someone mention’s Nike’s main twitter handle with a complaint. While not a new handle, as people’s time spent on social activity continues to increase, brands have to meet people where they are and create a welcoming experience everywhere they have a presence.

Nothing sets the mood like making the consumer feel special. New technology helps us record and adapt to an individual’s needs, which means anticipating consumer desires has become part of retail’s daily grind. According to the Microsoft Retail Trends Playbook, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations. The QSR sector has embraced the challenge to become a leader in personalization and omnichannel experiences. In 2019, McDonald’s leveraged billboards with geofencing technology and the navigation app Waze to reach people on their drives with menu promotions, and prompt them to make the nearby McDonald’s their next destination. A proactive and personalized approach is a sure way to keep consumers happy and brand-loyal.

Brand Leadership
Last year saw several notable CEO changes across big-name retail brands—Gap, Under Armour, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, to name a few—and consumers are paying attention. As people seek to align their own values with the brands they shop, they want to know more about who is at the helm of their favorite companies. Seventy percent of consumers feel more connected to a brand with a more visible CEO. In this era of accountability, brands must consider where their priorities line up with consumers, and who are the right brand ambassadors, all the way up to the highest levels.

February 14, 2020