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A Summer Toast with The Champagne of Beers®

A look at how Arc’s “Champagne of Teams” created the brand’s iconic coupe cans.

Even if it is officially fall, we’re not ready to say goodbye to summer so we’re taking a look back at one of Arc’s greatest summer hits: The Miller High Life coupe can.

Miller High Life, aka “The Champagne of Beers®,” is known for its iconic glass bottles. However, nearly 75% of beer drinkers choose cans during summer. Thus, Arc’s Molson Coors team was presented with a challenge—how can Miller High Life make it into coolers across America while maintaining its signature champagne identity?

Enter, the coupe can.

MHL Coupe Can Sketch

What started off as a rough sketch on a Post-it® turned into a successful, commerce-driving solution for the brand. Within a matter of weeks, the agency team presented a solution that turned a 12 oz. can into a toast-worthy glass, ensuring Miller High Life remained an integral part of drinkers’ summer occasions.

“Miller High Life is a heritage brand, and we wanted to respect that. We created something new that felt like it has always existed within the brand’s ecosystem, which is what made the can such a success,” explained Courtney Nowak, Associate Creative Director. “It’s really rare to work on a project where the finished product looks almost identical to the first round of creative that was presented to the client.”

In addition, the team developed secondary packaging with a key audience in mind—retailers and distributors. The smart design displayed the primary packaging on the outside, inspiring off-premise retailers to transform their regular in-store displays into champagne towers.

MHL Coupe Can - Secondary Packaging

Point-of-sale and digital ads encouraged people to toast small moments with cans in hands. In one short month, grocery sales were up 17%, and the coupe can quickly became a summer staple.

“Summer is full of simple moments worth celebrating: graduations, new apartments, weddings, backyard parties and more,” said Katie Brady, Account Supervisor. “However, COVID-19 put a wrench in many peoples’ plans and forced them to adopt socially-distant activities. But now, shoppers can still raise a glass to celebrate...even when their glass is a can.”

This major win was a result of an unexpected solution to a clear and present challenge and, of course, taking creative risks.

“Our clients didn’t ask to change their primary packaging. They didn’t want to change their primary packaging. But our idea was so simple and so compelling—they couldn’t help but buy in,” said Alma Klein, VP, Creative Director.

MHL Coupe Can - Creative Team


Kyle Cleary: SVP, Account Director
Christina Hormuth: VP, Account Director
Katie Brady: Account Supervisor
Elizabeth Mitchell: Sr. Project Manager

Matt Weiner: SVP, Creative Director
Alma Klein: VP, Creative Director
Courtney Nowak: Associate Creative Director
Justin Lawson: Sr. Copywriter
Russell Mank: Art Director

Andy Malloy: VP, Strategy Director
Katie Shanagher: Sr. Strategist

Fran D’Amico: Sr. Producer

September 29, 2020