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Debunking the Big Myth Behind ‘Big Food’

A new study by Leo Burnett shows that eating and purchasing behaviors are more segmented than once believed.

According to research by Leo Burnett, 57% of Americans are moving away from the processed products of “Big Food.” But that doesn’t mean health is the only factor driving this shift in consumer behavior.

Pushpa Gopalan, SVP, strategy director at Leo Burnett USA, and Elizabeth Knapp, SVP, research director of the HumanLab at Leo Burnett Worldwide, have recently published the outline findings of a large-scale study into the food-shopping habits and eating behaviors of 4,600 Americans. The study takes an in-depth look into the different consumer groups within the larger trend and identifies six types of grocery shoppers driving the trend.

Read more on the study here.

February 17, 2017