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Executive Essentials

Get to know Arc’s executives in a different light.

You’ve heard all about their new roles, now’s your chance to get to know the people behind the titles. We asked Arc’s newly appointed crop of executives to share a few items that have helped them on their journey to the top. From zen gardens to tape measures and jars of Jif, each item has its own story, and offers inspiration in its own way.

EE - Nick Jones

Nick Jones, EVP, Global Business Development and Innovation

Painting: “I have always drawn and painted since I could hold a crayon. Almost went for a fine arts degree, but ended up an English major. I was six months into my MBA and sitting in an advertising 101 class. It was like a lightbulb above the head moment: art + the written word + business = advertising. I had chosen a career.”

Tea bag: “If you haven’t seen me with a mug of tea in my hand, we probably haven’t met. I’m a tea addict. The caffeine need is obvious, but let’s not forget the antioxidants to detox the previous evening’s beverages.”

Passports: “Having two makes me feel like James Bond."

Family photo: “Let’s be honest, we don’t work for Arc, Leo Burnett or Publicis, do we? Important to have the shareholders keeping a watchful eye.”

EE - Bob Raidt

Bob Raidt, Global Chief Executive Officer

A hat: “A reminder of my alma mater, Northwestern University.”

100 Leo’s quote book: “Leo is always an inspiration.”

Mini zen rock garden: “Because you gotta have zen.”

EE - Chris Cancilla

Chris Cancilla, U.S. Chief Creative Officer

Book: “A few years ago I got a chance to meet Jeff Tweedy (one of my music heroes) and had him sign a quote he once said about the creative process—basically that you have to get out of your own head.”

Ticket: “I still hold a 2007 Cubs World Series Ticket (unused) as a reminder to never, ever give up.”

Snacks: “A few years ago my family got me these delicious Graze healthy snacks delivered to my office as a Father's Day present—they've bailed me out countless times and become a monthly reminder of the people that matter most.”

Keys: “This key ring holds my Divvy pass and bike key, because nothing clears my head more than a bike ride.”

(Side note): The formica surface beneath these items is the kitchen table where I've done some of my greatest work. Honest.

EE - Karuna Rawal

Karuna Rawal, U.S. President and Chief Strategy Officer, Arc Worldwide

Picture of kids: “I always keep a photo of them close by because they remind me about what’s really important to me and keep me grounded.”

Jar of Jif: “Jif was the first brand I worked on at P&G, with the best boss and mentor I could have had starting out, and I’ve had a soft spot for the brand ever since.”

Team picture: “This was the first brand and agency team I worked with when I became a Brand Manager. It’s a great reminder of the importance of an amazing team and what we can achieve together. We did the impossible together.”

EE - Scott Fry

Scott Fry, VP, Group Executive Producer

Tape measure: “Every retail producer needs one.”

No. 2 pencils: “Charcoal just looks better…and it’s easier to erase.”

Picture of my son: “Reminds me to keep things simple.”

Nespresso Machine: “Feeds my love of espresso and helps keep me on my toes.”

May 5, 2016