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FutureShop 2016

The sixth annual event brings together retail’s most innovative ideas and technologies.

“We are fast approaching a day when we can assume 100 percent of shoppers will be connected 100 percent of the time. To survive and thrive in this environment, retailers need to start preparing for that day now, as the data tells us that this time will be here sooner than many think.” —Deloitte Digital Navigating the Digital Divide.

This quote from Deloitte sums up the purpose of why we are hosting our sixth annual FutureShop this week in Chicago. Consumers have shifted to an always-connected mode, and many retailers and brands are struggling to keep up with this pace of change.

The tension between what a store can provide in terms of experience and what a phone can provide in terms of utility is at an inflection point; consumers are clearly opting to let their phones lead the way. It is through this lens that we have curated 20 companies to come into the agency for a day to help us understand the direction their platforms are headed and what this means for brands, retailers and consumers.

We’ve identified five key themes in this new shopper universe and curated companies around these themes: Frictionless Commerce, Technology with Utility, Personalization, Location and Customer Service. Our colleagues in London will be hosting their second annual FutureShop event on June 30 using the same five themes.

Visit the FutureShop Tumblr page to learn more about the companies that are participating at both events, along with quotes and stats that we feel best represent why hosting an event like FutureShop is critical for our agency to keep pace, and ultimately stay ahead of how technology and consumers are rapidly evolving.


Tod Szewczyk is VP, director emerging technology & innovation, with Arc Worldwide, part of The Leo Burnett Group.

June 9, 2016

Tod Szewczyk