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Molson Coors Makes a New Year’s Appeal to Drinkers with ‘Resolve to Say Yes’

Arc’s portfolio solution shifted the emphasis from cutting cals and carbs to enjoying a more wholistic approach to wellbeing.

Just as New Year’s resolutions follow overindulging at the holidays, “New Year, New You” messaging replaces “Happy Holidays” displays at retail.

But beer and hard seltzers aren’t health food. Molson Coors needed to connect with resolutions-minded shoppers and get them to consider its brands. The solution was an occasion-first thematic that tapped into the “permissible socializing” mindset, inviting drinkers to “say yes” to Coors Seltzer’s “90 cals & 2 carbs,” Blue Moon LightSky’s “95 cals & real tangerine peel,” and Vizzy Hard Seltzer’s “100 cals & antioxidant Vitamin C.”

“Resolve to Say Yes” is a truly omnichannel shopper program that includes multi-brand displays, in-store tools such as wobblers, and a suite of digital, social and eCommerce assets.

“We’re really proud of this work,” said Alma Klein, VP Creative Director at Arc, “You don’t have to have a Dry January to meet your wellness goals—there are real benefits to resolving to say yes to kicking back with a couple of close friends and enjoying a drink.”

February 8, 2021