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Pedialyte Helps Athletes Perform Their Best with ‘Outsmart Your Limits’

Arc’s edgy work drives adult consumers to Pedialyte Sport for all hydration, performance and post-workout needs.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that health and wellbeing should be prioritized in every capacity—especially when the human body needs a replenishing fix.

Enter: Pedialyte Sport—a one-of-a-kind sports drink with five key electrolytes for advanced hydration and muscle support. Pedialyte Sport entered the market last year as a solution to help adults—particularly athletes—refuel and rehydrate faster, allowing them to perform at the top of their game.

To celebrate the drink in all of its nutritious glory, Arc launched “Outsmart Your Limits,” a bold, campaign working to increase product awareness among adult consumers and, ultimately, expand its image to the sports aisle in stores.

“We already knew the product itself was raising the bar, but to take on the giants of the sports drink aisle, we needed to look and act like we belonged there. That started with a bold and energetic new packaging identity and branched into an integrated campaign featuring Odell Beckham Jr.– one of the world’s most recognizable athletes and a fan of Pedialyte since before being drafted to the NFL,” said John Florek, VP Creative Director at Arc. “It’s great that adults have been drinking Pedialyte on the down low for quite a while, but if we’re more intentional about how we connect with them, the opportunity is much bigger.”

January 13, 2021