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School is in Session at Strategy University

The unique virtual education initiative offers a deep dive into all things strategy with recorded lessons.

A year ago, it occurred to CSO Elizabeth Harris that she had the great fortune of having a team of 24 talented strategists with an incredible breadth of strategic capabilities ranging from qualitative and quantitative research insights, to data and analytic prowess—all the way to shopper media and storytelling brilliance. She wanted to harness all this knowledge to not only provide the ability for her team to learn and grow their strategy craft, but also to help other members of the agency add expand their strategic knowledge.

In today’s increasingly complex industry, Harris believes that T-shaped knowledge—having a broad knowledge of general skills and a deep expertise in one area—is key. Leaning on this concept, and her background as an adjunct professor teaching in an online environment at Northwestern University, Harris recruited her strategic colleagues, Angelica Kopiczko and Katie Shanagher, and together, they founded Strategy University. The first-of-its-kind educational program took a full year to concept, design and execute, with a result that is unlike anything the agency has produced before.

Strat U is an agency-wide virtual education program on, you guessed it, all things strategy. Whether you’re ‘strategy curious’ and looking to learn something new or an experienced strategist, the program features short, digestible (15-20 minutes) online courses crafted by Arc’s very own strategic minds. These learnings, in turn, ultimately allow strategic thinking to become ingrained in every discipline across the agency.

“Strategy University lets you connect with your day-to-day colleagues in a different way; they’re no longer just co-workers, but also teachers,” explained Angelica Kopiczko, Strategist at Arc. “Whether you’re a seasoned strategic expert or a strategy-curious newbie, there’s a course for every level.”

Currently, there are over 20+ courses available for employees to watch; new courses are uploaded regularly.

“The breadth and digestible length of the lessons are designed to help incorporate learning into our daily client work. It puts the knowledge of the entire strategy team at your fingertips,” said Katie Shanagher, Senior Strategist.

Heading into 2021, T-shaped knowledge is a crucial tool marketers and advertisers can possess to create truly integrated, multi-faceted work.

“I am so proud of what we have built here. With Strat U, every employee at Arc can challenge themselves, learn a new skill and better refine their strategic expertise, making us a stronger agency and better strategic partner for our clients,” said Harris.

February 3, 2021