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Shopify: How David Disrupted the Ecommerce Goliaths

From mom and pop shops to global powerhouses, Shopify has quietly built an ecommerce juggernaut, one online purchase at a time.

Until recently, Amazon and eBay held an ironclad grip on the online shopping world. If you ever opened your own online shop, having the scale and reliability of these ecommerce giants in your corner was essential to fulfilling orders without a hitch.

Add in the allure of becoming one of Amazon’s ‘featured products’ and having its robust product fulfillment expertise at your fingertips, or being armed with eBay’s built-in PayPal system… needless to say, brands and independent retailers had few reasons to set up shop elsewhere.

Then came Shopify.

Initially started in 2003 as a turnkey solution for businesses and brands to effortlessly launch their own online storefronts, Shopify has quietly built an empire on the backs of its seamless design integration and ability for brands and etailers to ‘go it alone’ without Amazon and eBay’s product listing and fulfillment policies slowing them down.

How big is Shopify, really?
Chances are, you’ve already used Shopify, you just don’t realize it. Bought cosmetics from billion-dollar beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics? You’re a Shopify user. Purchased a new Tesla? Shopify again. Bought a mattress, coffee pods or socks? Shopify, Shopify and Shopify.

In fact, Shopify is growing so rapidly, it recently stole the No. 2 ecommerce spot from eBay, with its eyes set on the top dog, Amazon. And with Shopify’s recent announcement that it’s building a machine-learning powered Fulfillment Network designed to reduce shipping costs and delivery times, Amazon’s position at the top has never been in greater jeopardy.

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How is Shopify winning the ecommerce fight?
No longer a fledgling ecommerce platform, Shopify’s ability to handle every aspect of the purchase journey has been its secret weapon. From secure payment processing to product fulfillment to handling returns, not to mention brand-tailored packaging design and customized marketing support, Shopify is doing more to help businesses take control of their destiny than Amazon or eBay could ever promise.

As Shopify continues to up the product fulfillment game, the David brands of the world have never been better positioned to take on their industry. No longer having to constantly battle for product listing placement or outmuscle competitors for shelf space, Shopify is helping challenger brands everywhere give the Goliaths a run for their money.

October 10, 2019