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Similac Invites Parents To Be Part of The Promises Project

The new campaign shares a message of positivity and mutual support.

This Mother’s Day, Similac is helping remind parents about the experience they all share—no matter the similarities or differences in their parenting decisions and circumstances.

A survey of 1,000 parents revealed that 72% feel judged by other parents over how they raise their children, and only 29% said they will step in when they see parents being pressured by others. These insights formed he foundation of The Promises Project—a way to shift the attention parents give to their peers to a more positive and supportive place.

As a maker of infant formulas, Similac understands that the goal of all parents is to keep their babies fed and healthy. The campaign is grounded in the well-known tension between bottle feeding and breastfeeding, though the message reaches much further.

Parents make promises to their children to love them, support them and believe in them—the same pledges should apply to our fellow parents. Together we can make parenting about joy, not judgement.

May 11, 2019