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The Creative Essentials of Project Manager Christina Dador: WFH Edition

For Christina, it’s important to find balance between juggling project management tools and creating digital content for her food/lifestyle Instagram page.

Who says project managers can’t be creative? “Working from home has given me more opportunities to revisit my creative roots as I wind down from a day glued to my (little and big) screens. For me, it’s important to find a balance between working in our agency’s nifty, project management tools or composing art for my food and lifestyle Instagram page.”

Staying physically active has been so essential these past few months. It’s been more difficult getting to the gym, so I will actually do mini boxing workouts in-between meetings. Yes, I also have a boxing bag in my apartment. Do your timesheets or else. (Just kidding!!!)

I have a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Terrier rescue who is a big, ball of energy. I couldn’t even take a picture without his nose or paw being in it if I tried. All the squeaking toys have been hidden during the workday, but he has been the best WFH buddy.

As one of my many passions, I co-manage a food/lifestyle IG page called @mcbiteschi. I usually bring my DSLR out to restaurants or shoot products I’m promoting at home. It’s such an essential piece of hardware to capture the best content and well… I also like to eat.

I fell victim to targeted ads on IG and I needed to have this little guy. He sits on top of my monitor while I work and also acts as a stress ball. His color will tell you how I REALLY feel about my 12th timeline revision.

Another size screen, but for fun! I use my iPad to read and practice languages in Rosetta Stone, although, I mainly work in Procreate on here. Still getting used to not being able to physically erase things, but the time lapse replay video feature is pretty neat!

I know I just wrote that digital art is great, but you can’t beat pencil on paper or paint brush on canvass. I am a project manager with a creative background. In fact, the creatives on my team like to say I went over to the dark side. (Oops!) I paint A LOT and am a commissioned artist when I can commit the time. I’m super excited about some compositions I have in the works!

Music – I can’t work without it. Usually if I want to hunker down and concentrate on knocking out tasks on my to-do list, I’ll have headphones in. I don’t think my home is ever quiet and I haven’t received any noise complaints thus far...fingers crossed.

March 22, 2021