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The Creative Essentials of Senior Copywriter Erika DeVriendt: WFH Edition

Bath bombs, knitting and 21 plants are a few of many things keeping this Arc creative inspired these days.

In the newest edition of Creative Essentials, Erika DeVriendt, Senior Copywriter at Arc, provides us with a snapshot of all the items she relies on to stay creative, inspired and motivated while WFH.

“For me, WFH has highs and lows. I’ve loved having more time for myself to dive further into my hobbies, but I really miss interacting with people. I think having those other things to focus on has helped make up for the lack of social connection,” explained DeVriendt.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

My children! I have 21 plants in my home and they bring me so much joy. They’re essential to my creativity simply by existing.

WFH has really allowed me to manage my restlessness by giving me opportunities to knit throughout the day. I know what you’re thinking — is that like, unprofessional? Counter-productive? Is Arc really paying her to knit? Think what you want, but Arc is paying me for my creative brain, and what helps me keep it in focus (mainly while others are talking) is to occupy my hands with something as mindless to me as knitting. Some of you like fidget spinners, I happen to like yarn and needles.

Nasty Bubbles Bath Bombs
This one is twofold — I make my own homemade bath bombs because I love the feeling of creating something with my hands (i.e. knitting), and I also like using them to relax at the end of the day. It’s really a win-win all around.

No, I did not include a lightbulb because I’m a creative and I come up with ideas, blah blah blah. Listen people, I’m pretty blind. My contact prescription is -8.50 and my eyes aren’t getting any better. I need all of the lights on to see something accurately. I need you to zoom in on your work so I can read it. I need you to stop laughing at me for holding my phone and books so close to my face. LET. THERE. BE. LIGHT.

If you know me at all, you’ve probably heard me talk about my personal book club where we don’t all read the same book. We read whatever we want to read, then just gather and talk about it. I love books, but I love talking about books even more. This club gives me life and gives me something to look forward to each month, and I use a lot of what I learn from others within my creative work. Pictured here is my favorite book of all time, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Monthly Planner
Holy moly motivation, sometimes I just need to stare at my calendar for a while to dream about the fun activities I (hopefully) have in the coming days. And as an added bonus, my planner has some fun llamas on it.

The New York Times Crossword
Words, words, words! I love words. My favorite pastime each day is to do the New York Times Mini Crossword (my fastest time is 12 seconds) and the written one in the paper each Sunday. Gotta keep that brain dictionary sharp!

I know what you’re thinking — cool, she likes music. Next. Actually, I might inform you that while, yes, I do like music, these headphones symbolize my main form of maintaining peace and quiet. In the office, I usually wear them with nothing playing so people don’t talk to me (no offense, but a girl’s gotta work), or I blast white noise to drown out the voices of other people. At home, they help me close off the world so I can just write. They’re like a weighted blanket for my brain.

I’m a morning workout gal and always have been. Working out before work really makes a difference in how I feel throughout the day, so I try to make sure I start with some form of exercise, even if it’s a quick jog around the block with my doggo.

Hydro Flask
Ok, so, I don’t drink coffee. I’m trying really hard to be a cool tea person, but all in all I just drink a bunch of water out of this water bottle. I know, it’s kind of boring. But it’s not just a creative essential, it is a life essential, so there you go.

Notebook Full of To-Do Lists
My days are run by to-do lists. I’ll create a to-do list every morning and put things I’ve already finished on it, just so I can check it off. So sure, this notebook consists of creative notes and doodles too, but it’s mainly just lists. Plus, are you really a creative if you don’t have something you treasure plastered with a million stickers? I’m pretty sure at one point I wrote down on my list: ✓Cover notebook in stickers.

MUJI pen
These are the best pens out there. I use them to make all of my lists. You should too.

October 27, 2020