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The Right Gifts, Right on Time

Last-minute shopping is a holiday staple, especially with the many shipping and delivery options available today—just make sure you know them all to get your gifts in time.

You’ve got your list of friends and family together and have thought of the perfect gifts you know they’ll love. While you were thoughtful about the gift ideas, you unfortunately waited until the last possible minute to get them bought and delivered. You’re not alone. More than half of all holiday shoppers wait until the last minute to complete their shopping, and even 5% are still buying gifts after Christmas. But there’s good news for all you procrastinators out there.

Know Your Cutoff Dates
Even two weeks into December, you can still use the least expensive shipping options from the three major delivery carriers—USPS, UPS and Fedex—and get orders delivered in time for the holidays. But as the month slides on, the options become more expensive. All three carriers have a last-ditch express option that can be sent as late as the 23rd!

The Right Gifts, Right on Time STAT 1

Here are the delivery cutoffs per major carrier:

The Right Gifts, Right on Time

Get Creative
When it’s the eleventh hour and you need to deliver the perfect gift, there are a few less conventional options to make it happen. Amazon’s ‘Prime Now’ service specializes in super quick delivery. The inventory is more limited than the full shopping experience but you can still find great gifts to your doorstep within two hours. And if you need an item from the full Amazon site, you can often save a day or two of delivery time by shipping them to one of their many ‘Locker‘ pickup locations.

When all other options are exhausted, consider using on-demand help services such as Taskrabbit’s Delivery Service, which allows you to hire someone near your recipient to purchase and deliver the gift for you.

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That’s a Wrap!
Last-minute shopping usually means having the gift delivered directly to the recipient, but what about that personal touch that comes with a well-wrapped gift? Thankfully, you can save yourself some time and trust that gifts will arrive ready to be placed under the tree by purchasing from one of the many retailers who offer gift wrap services at checkout. Retail Me Not has compiled a list of 49 that do just that here.

With procrastinators representing half of retail’s seasonal shopping demographic, brands and commerce services that have an action plan for getting perfect gifts to their preferred destinations on-time are sure to build customer loyalty, not to mention boost last-minute holiday sales.

December 2, 2019