Intelligent Point of Sale (IPOS)

Interactive software that’s transforming the PC aisle.



Intel might be a big player in the industry, but in a crowded retail environment that potential is hidden away.

 So how could we make sure their voice was heard in such a crowded space? We developed a first-of-its-kind, ultra-smart software that automatically turns any PC into a dynamic, interactive sales juggernaut.

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Guaranteed not to become self-aware and rebel against its human masters.

We had the solution. Now we just needed to invent some cutting-edge technology to make it possible.

We developed proprietary software that scans each PC so we knew exactly what was inside down to the smallest component. We could then take that information and turn it into something the shopper actually cared about like how many photos they can store and then instantly translate it into over 30 different languages.

But gamers have their own language. And if you can’t speak it, you might as well be talking to the wall.

Gamers don’t need their hands held. 

Instead, they were desperately looking for ways to try out these expensive machines and see what they were made of. 

When COVID 19 made shoppers wary of touching germy retail PCs, IPOS was able to evolve yet again. 

We created a completely touchless experience 

that generates a unique QR code for each PC and works on any phone, unlocking a whole new set of powerful tools for IPOS. Now shoppers could save devices, compare them to each other, and even keep shopping once they left the store. 

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