A Match Made in the High Life

Reviving a Dive Bar Icon


Molson Coors (Miller High Life), Hormel (Planters®)

Miller High Life is an iconic brand. But despite its legendary status, overall sales hadn’t been too kind in recent years. What’s worse — High Life was losing steam with its “tried-and-true” consumer. So, what better way to revive a dive-bar staple than by pulling up a stool for one of its most beloved bar mates? Enter Planters® Peanuts. Together, we made it easier than ever to reach beer drinkers with peanuts and peanut lovers with beer.

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Fondly remembered but frequently forgotten, The Champagne of Beers had lost its sparkle.

We needed to boost sales during beer's most competitive selling season
- oh, and on an economy beer budget.

After spending 100+ years next to Planters® Peanuts at the bar, we made it official.


We united two iconic brands over a mutual love of satisfying cravings for more than a century.

Together, we brought dive-bar culture to life across multiple touchpoints.

We gave bars and bar-goers alike a full suite of awesome, retro-inspired apparel, signage and more. It become some of our most sought-after merch in years.

We took it to the road with the "Nuttiest Dive Bar" — a cozy little mobile tavern celebrating all that we love about those two legendary brands.

We gave consumers a chance to win a year's supply of Miller High Life and Planters® Peanuts, along with everything they'd need to create their own one-of-a-kind dive bar at home.

As a result, High Life saw its highest share of economy beer in more than 6 years, with an 8% sales lift.

A Match Made in the High Life was so successful that we've already teamed up for another round next year.

Lucy Bloxam

Miller High Life Marketing Manager

Experience Partnering with Arc

Arc was the ultimate agency partner. They leaned into their expertise to deliver a best-in-class retail program, while supporting the larger program to drive results through-the-line. On its own, our partnership with Planters was a no-brainer, but the dive bar creative shell ignited its potential. This allows us to not only make an impact at retail, but breakthrough above-the-line as well. Arc was a great interagency partner, and I appreciated their collaboration with Phaedon for brand activation, Connect for media, and Volt for merchandise.

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