Diageo: Mindful Drinking

Giving mindful imbibers more choices in the spirits category.



Shoppers are more conscious than ever about what they’re consuming—even alcohol. But when it comes to spirits, shoppers were left feeling limited in choice to the (kinda boring) Vodka Soda. So we shook up the category & brought a colorful menu of “mindful” drinks to conscious drinkers.

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But spirits have been held back by the myth that there's only one “mindful” cocktail on the menu: Vodka Soda.

Which couldn't be further from the truth.

Did you know a single serving on Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum has only 83 calories? Neither did shoppers.

Did you know a single serving of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum has only 83 calories? Neither did shoppers.

So we set out to bust that myth and create a program for Diageo spirits that gives shoppers even more choice.

We started by creating a clear, color-coded wayfinding system

that made it easier for shoppers to identify the spirits that fit what they're looking for.

Next, we changed the way spirits are organized at shelf.

Instead of organizing them by liquid type, we had retailers group them by mindful categories like gluten-free, no carbs, zero sugar, etc.

We even gave retailers a choice, with custom, flexible displays that allowed stores to feature the spirits that were right for their shoppers.

We crafted a colorful menu of cocktail recipes that went way beyond the classic Vodka Soda.

Shoppers could even download a digital recipe book so they could make their favorites at home.

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Kelsey Eliason

Associate Creative Director

I was thirsty the entirety of working on this program. 11/10, would work on again.

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