Art of the Burger

Create your delicious masterpiece.



For HEINZ, being familiar to shoppers often causes us to get overlooked in the aisle. So, when targeting Millennials, who believe crafting the perfect burger is a form of art that brings out personalization and pride, we needed to be anything but ordinary.​

For starters, we skipped the cliché summer grilling theme and created something truly original. Transforming HEINZ from a condiment commodity to a catalyst for creativity. ​

Because if burgers are the canvas, HEINZ is the paint. ​

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We asked America to create a burger masterpiece using our classic condiments for 

a chance to be crowned our first Head Burger Artist.

We quickly became a muse for shoppers to feed their inner artists and reach for HEINZ as inspiration for burger creativity.

People really got into it. 

Thousands of flame-kissed, topped-to-perfection works of burger art came pouring in.

As people made more burgers, more HEINZ products flew off the shelves.


David Hovey

Senior Art Director

It’s great to see this award winning creative out in the wild. It showcases the great products and their reach, along with the talent from everyone who brought this project to life.

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