Untold Beauty

Creating a space where every shopper can feel beautiful



Unilever believes that beauty comes in many different forms, but the aisles of Walgreens weren’t reflecting that reality. Multicultural shoppers were seeing promotional tags — not themselves — at Walgreens. We revolutionized the beauty aisle so that our shoppers felt more beautiful and represented. 

+ Silver Effie: Single-Retailer Program - Drugstores / Commerce & Shopper

+ Silver REGGIE: Shopper Marketing, Retailer Specific or Omni-Channel Marketing 

+ Bronze REGGIE: GEM Award for authentic portrayal of women and girls in advertising

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May cause warm feelings and extreme pride in self

Untold Beauty amplifies Multicultural voices and beauty stories that have historically gone unheard. We set out to strengthen an emotional connection with Multicultural Walgreens shoppers, and our campaign delivered.

Through representation and amplification of Multicultural voices we made our shoppers feel seen and heard online and in-aisle.

Representation in the aisles

Shoppers and influencers shared their love for Walgreens, Unilever products and the importance of celebrating every kind of beautiful. They lingered in aisle, thrilled to see themselves reflected in the Walgreens experience.

As the voices of our shoppers rose across shopper touchpoints, so did our brand sentiment and sales.

Celebrate and share every kind of beautiful

We empowered our Multicultural shoppers to tell their stories and experiences, giving Walgreens the opportunity to truly listen to their shoppers like never before.

Untold Beauty will expand its reach and continue to redefine beauty standards. Because while we achieved the goals we initially set, this work is never done.


Mary Drapp

Health & Beauty Shopper Marketing Lead, Unilever

I’m incredibly proud of the work we are doing to represent and amplify our Walgreens multicultural shoppers both in-store and online. We listened to our shoppers, and the journey is just beginning as we continue to drive inclusivity across our beauty and personal care categories to ensure our shoppers feel seen and represented.

Kelvin Hill

Associate Creative Director

Untold Beauty has given me energy because I can feel the positive impact on real people's lives. Personally, it has evolved my relationship with the concept of "beauty" and aligns with my mission of flipping the script on representation in media. And that feels good.

Kelly North

Account Supervisor

Being part of this program has helped inspire our community, but has also inspired and changed our internal teams in unexpected ways — we have all realized that we too have beauty stories that the world needs to hear.

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