From amplifying multicultural voices to providing communities with a chance to pursue their dreams, Arc’s best-in-class work has been honored for its impact.

This year, ANA REGGIE Awards celebrated its 40th Anniversary, showcasing the most innovative, impactful, and groundbreaking activation campaigns of 2022. Known for highlighting the crème-de-le-crème of marketing, it is tough to stand out amongst the crowd and make a lasting impact. 

Arc has shown up and shown out yet again, celebrating five wins for best-in-class work with partner Unilever. Among these awards is a win for the inaugural REGGIE GEM Award for Unilever’s “Untold Beauty” campaign—an honor for top creative and impactful work that exemplifies the best in class accurate and authentic portrayal of women and/or girls in Brand Activation campaigns, a part of the SeeHer movement to help combat gender inequality. “It’s always an honor to receive recognition for your work, but it’s even more meaningful to be recognized for work that raises up women of color. Untold Beauty celebrates real Walgreens shoppers and their authentic beauty rituals—putting them in the spotlight and featuring them in aisle,” says Alma Klein, Senior Vice President, Creative Director at Arc. “We’re honored to partner with Unilever on purpose-driven work and to win awards for it is the cherry on top.”

Award Winners:

 - GOLD Shopper Marketing, Retailer Specific or Omni-channel Marketing – Unilever Kroger “Scents of Confidence”

 - SILVER Shopper Marketing, Retailer Specific or Omni-channel Marketing – Unilever Walgreens “Untold Beauty”

 - BRONZE Age Targeted Marketing – Unilever Kroger “Scents of Confidence”

 - BRONZE Local, Regional or Market Specific Marketing – Unilever H-E-B “Barber Bracket”

 - BRONZE GEM Award – Unilever Walgreens “Untold Beauty”

Visit REGGIE Awards’ site for more information on this year’s winning work. 

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