“Omnishopper” is fancy-speak for "modern shopper", a shopper that browses in the aisles, online, and everywhere in between. And as modern marketers, engaging folks across the entire purchasing path is what we do. 

Recently, The Path to Purchase Institute announced the winners of its third annual OmniShopper Awards, the first and only of its kind to recognize such campaigns. 

And not to brag, but Arc won three of them. 

Well, okay, maybe we’ll brag just a bit. Only because our client partners and teams deserve it. 


Dunkin' Run - Integrated Path to Purchase Activation

This everyday value platform, co-created by Arc, was designed to further elevate Dunkin's customer engagement and stand out in an incredibly competitive QSR landscape.

And with its integrated, two-phased marketing plan, that’s exactly what it did.

In-store signage and menu board content warmed guests up in December, before the Super Bowl ad made the Dunkin’ Run top of mind for everyone.

No, seriously. The Super Bowl tease and spot were the two biggest media moments in Dunkin’s history. And all the in-restaurant, out-of-home and social promotions are contributing to the highest ever average weekly sales in the brand’s history.


Intel Evo-izing the PC Aisle - Store/Aisle Reinvention

Speaking of performance, let’s chat about the next winner: Intel Evo. This sleek fleet of laptops has everything PC owners (particularly Millennials and Gen Z) want and more, from greater connectivity to gaming capabilities. 

So, what was missing? A high-performing retail campaign that converted buyers that had never heard of Evo. 

Enter the Intel Evo Immersion Zones, an in-aisle “sensorypalooza” showcase for shoppers. Just like the laptop itself, this all-in-one shopper journey was chock-full of goodies—we’re talking dynamic imagery from 3D artists, custom interactive demos and a one button prompt that connects shoppers to an actual advisor instead of a bot.

And boy did it deliver. Sales increases were a whopping 10 times greater than target. 


Unilever H-E-B A Day in the Life of Demarcus Ware - Social Media Activation

Tasked with lifting men’s grooming products during the college football window, our team needed to reach H-E-B shoppers that love Texas and love football. 

To speak to those shoppers and connect grooming with football, we tapped local legend, Demarcus Ware (and his almost one million followers on Instagram). Combining a “day in the life” social series with CTA links and H-E-B promos, Unilever saw metrics that would make Texas proud.

Sales of their men’s personal care brands increased in store and online. The social campaign performed 3x better than the industry average. 

Thanks again to The Path to Purchase Institute for the recognition. And as always, thank you to our clients for the privilege partnering to create such awesome work.

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