CES teaches us to expand our definition of “everything”

CES 2023 Insights from Matt Weiner, Arc Chief Creative Officer, and Elizabeth Harris, Arc Chief Strategy Officer

It’s old news at this point; everything is shoppable. Social posts are shoppable. Video content is shoppable. Your voice assistant is shoppable. So we solve for how to make the best possible commerce experiences in those spaces. But the 2023 version of CES has taught us that while “everything” is, indeed, shoppable…we need to start to include more in that “everything”. We are about to venture into new frontiers of where, how, and why we buy things. In 2023, your car can be shoppable, your side table can be an air purifier, and your expectations for a seamless commerce experience are through the roof.

Three trends that we found interesting:

1) Electrification of transportation: Retailers facilitate EV charging (both at the retailer and in other charging locations), thus allowing time to shop while the car is charging and offering opportunities to engage with a brand while waiting for charge. Might the car even serve as the platform by which a shopper places an order?

2) Digitization of healthcare: As digitized healthcare becomes more prevalent through products like Medwand, Lululab and the Samsung new telemedicine app, patients can shop for their medicines, preventative and self-care products through those same technologies. How might products and services aid in personal healthcare without overstepping?

3.) Product plurality: We noticed the incredible amounts of products that are more than one thing. Adding technology/solutions into what have often been very analog mundane products:

- Earrings that are Bluetooth headsets

- Smart cutting boards that are also video screen/content docking stations with cooking classes and other content at the ready

- A side table that’s also an air purifier and a wireless phone charger 

There were countless examples of the merging of technology to enhance or add to the things we already know and use. This got us wondering, how might this change shopping behavior for everyday items as they go from routine purchases to highly technical and considered purchases? Consumers are expecting more value from their purchase. What will the role of reviews and social proof become and how might this new technology lengthen the purchase journey?

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