There’s a certain type of person who thrives at Arc Worldwide. Actually, there are several and they all have a crucial role to play. We call them Arctypes.

As an agency dedicated to generating Irresistible Commerce for our clients, the work we do identifies and leverages the “unignorables” of brands—those value propositions that are too attractive or convincing for consumers to resist. So, we put our own process to work on ourselves to identify the people who define our agency. 

A round of applause for our Q3 Arctype winners:

There’s the Miyagi. Like that mystic sensei from the Karate Kid, they have a knack for helping people find the talent within them. Part teacher, part mentor, part Jedi Master. People just thrive under them…

Meg L., SVP, Strategy Director


"Meg is a fierce advocate for her team and constantly surveys their needs and desires for professional development. She is an excellent person to learn from and above all, she does her absolute damnedest to make things happen.”

There’s the Action Hero. They may look like a normal employee. But they have a Spidey sense for opportunity and the mutant-like reflexes it takes to seize it. Great things happen because they spring into action!

Kyle D., Senior Copywriter


"Kyle truly embodies the title ‘team player,’ as he’s the first to offer up support across teams. His work ethic is extremely admirable, and he sets a great example for those across the agency who are lucky enough to work with him.”


And there’s the Rainmaker. Through your smarts and hustle, they help us unlock an amazing growth opportunity. They make it rain. And rain grows our agency…

Lauren R., Account Director


“Does anyone know what a liquid estimate is? This woman does! Lauren is well respected, effective and the business would not run without her. She constantly creates opportunities for her team, the work and always has the right thing to say.”

There’s the Machine. Like the Energizer Bunny … they represent the tireless effort it takes to make the agency run like clockwork. In fact, machine learning could learn a few things from them…

Kristen S., Project Manager


"Kristen is the wind beneath our team’s wings. In between the most beautifully organized calendar invites and the incessant (but oh so polite) Smartsheet pings, she is always cool, calm and collected. She’ll always leave you thinking ‘how does she do it?!’”


And finally, there’s the Cheerleader. When those around them are kicking ass, they’re the first to make sure everyone knows about it. And because they always give credit where it’s due, today we’re cheering them on…

Jodi K., Production Supervisor


“Jodi is a breath of fresh air and keeps our spirits going. A master at multitasking, Jodi gets things done and ALWAYS makes her teammates feel seen, heard and celebrated.”

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