From brand activations to ecommerce solutions, Arc and Epsilon (but our friends just call us "Publicis Groupe" in our collaboration for Unilever) consistently transform the shopper space for our partners with business-building strategic and creative work.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Arc and Epsilon, acting as lead agencies for Publicis Groupe, have been named a Unilever Partner with Purpose, winning the Partner Excellence Award for 2022. 

Good Partners, Greater Success

Launched in 2020, Unilever’s Partner with Purpose (UPWP) Awards celebrate and recognize exceptional partners for their game-changing contributions in driving competitive value, sustainability, superior products and services, innovation, resilience, and agility.

Selected from more than 52,000 supply partners, UPWP Award winners highlight the best of the best among those who have gone above and beyond in driving mutual 4G (consistent, profitable, competitive, responsible) growth.

“Tasked with enriching our capabilities in shopper marketing in the US, Publicis Groupe exceeded our expectations in both the quality of execution and results as we navigate the creative commerce revolution,” says Willem Uijen, Unilever Chief Procurement Officer. “Their innovative approach identified several untapped growth opportunities, feeding into our new digital marketing, media and commerce hubs to respond faster and deliver seamless branded consumer experiences.”

Becoming An Award Winner

In 2022, Publicis Groupe helped break down barriers between sales and marketing functions to create integrated strategies that benefitted brands, categories, shoppers, and retailers alike. Using Epsilon data and technology, we were able to help Unilever identify High Value Shoppers for their brands to see where new opportunities exist and test innovative approaches to provide improved business outcomes.

“Our partnership really started on a strong foundation of data and identity to truly understand consumers so Unilever could deliver best-in-class experiences for everyone,” says Allison Rice, Senior Vice President, Client Services at Epsilon. “We’ve had a shared vision for the data-driven future of marketing, and it’s been amazing to see that come to fruition.”

The insights gleaned then informed Arc’s strategic approach and fueled purpose-driven, shopper-centric creative. The results are award-winning commerce programs like Kroger’s Scents of Confidence and Walgreen’s Untold Beauty—programs that not only made an impact across Unilever portfolios, but also challenged cultural norms and amplified multicultural shopper voices in a thoughtful and genuine way. 

“It’s an honor to be recognized by a partner who shares a similar sense of purpose,” says Heather Collins, Executive Vice President, Account Director at Arc. “It inspires us and drives us to create innovative commerce solutions that have real, lasting impact, both for shoppers, and culture at large.”

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