No Plan Dinner Plan

Solving weeknight dinner dilemmas after the holidays


Kraft Heinz

With inflationary pressures rising, shoppers were switching to lower-priced products. Kraft Heinz was losing share across categories and sought to drive growth after the holidays for weeknight dinners. Our solve went beyond a typical coupon offer and, instead, packed pantries with the brands and flavors families love.

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1/3 of shoppers feel too drained to make
weeknight dinners after the holidays,
leading them to settle for
convenient shortcuts.

While many parents feel proud when they prepare a home-cooked meal,
most of them simply don’t have enough time.

Their dinner shortcuts may offer
time-savings but saddle them with shame,
creating a battle between their 
heart and mind.

So we stepped in and tapped into what families really needed
– a better way to do dinner.

To meet busy parents where they were, we created the first ever shoppable live cooking show on TikTok Live. 

Featuring the famous father and son duo, Jet and Susur Lee from Iron Chef Fame
and the instant commerce platform, GoPuff.

…showing over 123K viewers

that they can turn their in-a-pinch go-tos into something pretty darn delicious.   

Proving that when you
PLAN to have NO plan,
the guilt and shame surrounding dinnertime disappears.


Shaina Fox

Lead, Omni Shopper Marketing, Kraft Heinz

The No Plan Dinner Plan is an illustration of how we can bring engaging content and commerce TO our consumers. More importantly, it is a demonstration of the partnership we have built between brand & agency, and willingness to take risks together.

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