Arc’s celebratory work promotes the iconic ConAgra Food brand’s line of power salad dressings.

Let’s talk salad dressing.

More specifically, how to enjoy it without the extra calories or unhealthy add-ons. That’s where Healthy Choice’s Power Dressings come into play. After a successful relaunch of their frozen Power Bowls, Healthy Choice crafted Power Dressings as a healthy, flavor-packed alternative to your typical salad topper.

Power Dressings consist of four flavors – Ranch, Italian, French and Greener Goddess – and with the exception of Ranch, they’re all under 45 calories, vegan, non-dairy and no-soy ingredient. And while the low-calorie count might catch consumers’ eyes, the real catch? Each flavor profile is crafted using healthier oils and pureed vegetables.

To successfully elevate this, Arc turned to a common problem: the majority of salad eaters fail to realize that a single serving of dressing is 2 tablespoons; typically, most people use more than that – which, in turn, cancels out your healthy salad!

“Top One Healthy Choice with Another,” is a line that sums up the strategy behind Arc and Healthy Choice’s work. Why wipe out a good eating decision with a bad dressing? With the new Power Dressings, eaters can have all the flavor with none of the bad ingredients. It’s a total win-win for all stomachs involved.

And who better to promote this news than Alton Brown – a perfect mix of chef, scientist and celebrity.

“This whole spot is about celebration; celebrating the food, the ingredients, the brand and most importantly celebrating and honoring your healthy choice. Alton helped us to personify the fresh ingredients and bold taste and answer the “How’d they do that?” with humor and style,” said Melissa Healy, SVP, Group Creative Director at Arc.

Dubbed the team’s “secret ingredient,” Alton was more than just “talent.” Beyond his quirky, bold personality, he also served as a director, a food stylist and a set director with his wife. Plus, the spot’s music was done by his composer.

Additionally, Alton spent time with Power Dressings, and even reviewed the agency team’s scripts and storyboards. It was the ultimate partnership that added an entirely refreshed way of talking about salad dressing – a traditionally boring condiment that often goes undiscussed.

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the creative and production process looked a little different. Our team learned that giving up on control isn’t the worst, and to always have trust and faith in the creative process,” said Ryan Ruark, Associate Creative Director at Arc. “Oh, and there’s always magic in b-roll footage.”

All in all, the celebratory work honors healthy eating choices and is an example of what creative partnership can accomplish – which, this year, is something we at Arc are extremely thankful for.

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