But First, Milk

Nourishing a New Generation at Breakfast



Once a centerpiece in the mornings, milk and cereal sales were steadily declining year over year. By positioning milk as “kid coffee” we helped the beverage reach its biggest sales jump in years.

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Breakfast was broken.

Milk wanted to fix it.

Long a staple at breakfast, milk and cereal had fallen off the menu. Kids were drinking less milk. Plus, eating less cereal meant less milk in bowls. We needed to fix that.

Milk’s nutrients energize kids. Especially at breakfast. You might call it ‘kid coffee.’

We let the energy from milk visually inspire our campaign. And then we flooded our message to the world.

Next, we partnered with a major cereal player to create an even bigger splash at breakfast.

All said and done, milk found itself back at the table with gallons seeing their biggest sales growth in years. We transformed breakfast and those who needed it most—kids.


Rob S.

Sr. Copywriter

Stellar collaboration across integrated teams. The bee from honey nut cheerios was a pleasure to work with and never stung me. Very humble for an insect.

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