We are living in an era beyond big data. We are now swimming in datasets, algorithms, and AI solutions that power so much of our world and industry.

Data in the advertising world has the potential to help us frame targets, establish size of prize, determine how we’ll reach people, and inform so many fundamental decisions that we make on behalf of our clients.  

But data alone doesn’t have the power to drive connection with people. It takes acts of creativity to transform data into intelligence, intelligence into insight, and insight into an idea. In the end, it’s ideas that people connect with – not data. 

But, how does data become more than just a bullet buried in a PowerPoint, or a stat in an Excel spreadsheet? How does it turn into something that can unlock creativity and innovation? 

It takes a strategist with a creative mind. They’re not selecting fonts and photography, but their creativity and desire to uncover truth drives the process of transforming data to intelligence to insight. 

With that truth in hand, we have the power to make decisions that fuel deep connections. Data alone can inform where and when and who. Data transformed into insight reveals richer truth on who and why. But creativity is what connects with people. People may see ads, but they connect to stories.

Harnessing the power of creativity to fuel connection to Walgreens, Walmart and H-E-B shoppers led our team to win nine trophies at the 41st annual REGGIE Awards. Read on and see how the data and strategic insights powered empathetic, creative storytelling and activations far beyond the typical “buy-save-win.” 

Untold Beauty

Building connection through the power of storytelling

Data and Strategic Insight 
Shoppers took 22 trips to Walgreens a year, but only bought Beauty & Personal Care on 5 of those occasions.  

Multicultural shoppers were seeing yellow tags – not themselves – in the Walgreens aisles. 


Creative Solution

In year one of Untold Beauty, we spotlighted Black and Brown influencers in our communications. In year two, we wanted to take it to the next level and feature everyday Walgreens shoppers. Arc worked with a Black street photographer to capture their faces and The Moth to workshop their stories.  



Increased share of voice and wallet benefited all partnership brands, but we’re most proud of the impact felt by communities we set out to support. 


See the full case study here.

Dove Dare to Be Truly You

Starting conversations to reveal richer connection

Data and Strategic Insight

In their quest for acceptance among their peers, girls are regularly dared to take unhealthy risks with their appearance.

Despite craving social independence, 4 out of 5 girls want their parents to talk to them about managing toxic online beauty advice. 


Creative Solution

We knew girls wanted their parents to talk to them, but straightforward conversations about the toxic beauty advice on social media were “cringe.” We made it fun and approachable by reverse-engineered a game girls and their parents both familiar with: Truth or Dare. Steering away from self-deprecation, our initiative spotlighted self-love and authenticity, fostering connection and understanding between generations.



Dove drove cross-category sales and inspired parents to have important self-esteem conversations with their kids.

Not Your Knorr-dinary Drive-Thru

Connecting with shoppers over a meal

Data and Strategic Insight

1 in 8 Texans face food acute food security in their daily lives. Because of that, Texas shoppers were sacrificing nutrition and quality from family meals to feed their families cheaply and conveniently.


Creative Solution

Understanding H-E-B shoppers were defaulting to the drive-thru for cheap, tasty meals, how could we show them they could get cheap, tasty and nutritious meals with help from Knorr? We strategically positioned ourselves where shoppers sought dinner solutions the most.


Enter Not Your Knorr-dinary Drive-Thru, stationed right in the heart of H-E-B's parking lot. By meeting shoppers at their point of need, we shattered existing notions of convenience while introducing easy, delicious and nutritious meal solutions.


Not Your Knorr-dinary Drive-Thru delivered the highest single day sales for the brand at an H-E-B store for the entire year.


See the full case study here.

Ugly Sundaes

Eschewing perfection for connection

Data and Strategic Insight

63% of holiday shoppers say they have a traditional dessert they tend to eat year after year. But during the holidays, Walmart shoppers would rather enjoy messy moments with their families than perform perfect, pressure-filled traditions.


Creative Solution

Walmart shoppers craved authenticity over perfection during the holidays. The rise of ugly sweaters and ugly sweater parties mirrored this desire for laid-back celebration. Drawing inspiration from this trend, Ugly Sundaes emerged—an omnichannel program inviting families to revel in the joy of messy ice cream indulgence, forging a new holiday ritual.



Ugly Sundaes inspired shoppers to combine Klondike, Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers and Talenti in creative new ways, ultimately unlocking Walmart ice cream category growth.

Rishad Tobbacowalla says, “If you don’t think about the heart and the story, then your data not only is cold, but it could potentially mislead you.”

We agree.

Data sets us on the path, but it is creativity that unlocks the insights that connect us to shoppers.

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