Integrated agency team (IAT) collaboration fueled success at the 2024 Effie Awards.

Arc is proud to have been a part of winning integrated agency teams (IATs) that brought home 4 Effies across programs for Dunkin’ and Kraft Heinz.

In today's marketing landscape, the lines between brand, media and commerce have blurred beyond recognition. At Arc, we work closely with our IAT partners, leveraging shared data, insights, and a unified creative vision.

This collaborative approach to harnessing the exponential power of data + creative leads to work that connects with shoppers wherever they are on their journey.


Winning a Heated Debate with Ice

+ Silver Effie: Restaurants

+ Silver Effie: Seasonal Marketing - Services

+ Bronze Effie: Youth Marketing - Services   


The Data and Strategic Insight

Dunkin’, the pioneer of iced coffee, faced fierce competitors moving in on their leadership position. The iced business was in decline.

While shaking your iced coffee may seem innocent, this behavior is the center of a heated, eye-rolling debate. The strategy was to stoke the debate by championing those who love to shake their coffee.


Creative Solution

Creative, even still photography, revolved around "the shake." In-restaurant, we featured the full portfolio of delicious Dunkin’ Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Refreshers in key communication zones to drive awareness, traffic, and trial. 



Dunkin' became the most talked about iced coffee of summer, fueling 16 consecutive weeks of sales lifts. The downward sales trend was reversed, with sales of iced coffee shaking up, up, up.


A big shout out to our partners Leo Burnett, Zenith, MSL Group, Wasserman, PXP, and Dieste for the collaboration.


No Plan Dinner Plan

+ Bronze Effie: Media Content Services

The Data and Strategic Insight

Come January, many Americans are desperately seeking a return to simplicity. In their quest to streamline, they seek quick meals — but these feel like a cop out.

Through 1st party research, we determined that our target relies on quick dinners to regain balance in their busy lives; however, taking these shortcuts often leave them feeling shameful as they equate time prepping with love shown.


Creative Solution

The No Plan Dinner Plan initiative celebrated spontaneity and imperfection in meal planning, offering shoppers easy and delicious solutions from Kraft Heinz. By showcasing attainable meals and encouraging pantry stocking with Kraft Heinz essentials, we empowered consumers to embrace their inner anti-planner.



The campaign successfully alleviated feelings of guilt and shame for parents, leading to growth for participating Kraft Heinz categories across sales, unit share, and display share.


A huge shout out to SaatchiX, Starcom, and PXP for the collaboration.

See the full case study here.

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